Here are ten of the most interesting prop bets for the 2015 Super Bowl:

  1. How Long Will it Take Idina Menzel to Sing the National Anthem - Over/Under 122.5 Seconds
  2. What Color Hoodie will Bill Belichick's Hoodie be for Super Bowl XLIX
  3. What will Katy Perry be wearing during her first song performance for Super Bowl XLIX halftime - Skirt/Dress vs Pants/Shorts
  4. Will Katy Perry be showing Cleavage during Halftime Show
  5. Who will have the most crotch grabs During Super Bowl XLIX - Katy Perry vs Marshawn Lynch
  6. How Many Viewers in Millions for Superbowl XLIX - Over/Under 113 Million Viewers
  7. Which region will have the higher Nielsen Rating for Superbowl XLIX - Boston vs Seattle
  8. What Color will the Gatorade (or Liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Team
  9. Will There be a Successful Fake Punt Play (1st Down Achieved or Touchdown)
  10. Either Quarterback to Throw a Touchdown Pass and then be Intercepted on their Next Pass Attempt
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