Here are the ten most expensive beanie babies you could find today:

  1. Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant: $4,500. A factory mistake made the first 2,000 Peanut the Elephants a much darker shade than the more common light blue color.
  2. Nana the Monkey: $4,000. One of the earliest Beanies, Nana was later renamed “Bongo.”
  3. Punchers the Lobster: $3,800. The name of this Original 9 lobster was most likely an error. Punchers was later renamed “Pinchers.”
  4. Brownie the Brown Bear: $3,600. One of the original nine Beanie Babies, Brownie was later renamed “Cubbie,” which is much more common.
  5. Teddy, Old Face (brown): $2,800. Made with a Victorian “old face” with a triangle nose and eyes on either side, these teddies had no birthdays or poems.
  6. Derby the Fine Mane Horse: $2,200. The fine manes of the earlier versions have 20 strands, rather than the redesigned 8 strands.
  7. Humphrey the Camel: $2,000. Created in June 1994. Only 25,000 were made.
  8. Quacker the Duck Without Wings: $2,000. Later models included wings. Only 780 were made in 1994.
  9. Peking the Panda: $2,000. The only Beanie with felt eyes rather than black beads.
  10. Spot the Dog (without a spot): $1,900. Four million were made. 1,500 came without a spot.
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