The resume in printed paper and PDF form is dying. But the content itself has never been more alive. Now, each and every piece of information you formerly tried to cram into a 1- or 2-page document can be displayed beautifully via highly-customizable webpages and social network profiles. But today, despite innovative new digital strategies, the content of these online résumés remains the most meaningful part. No matter how impressive your professionally designed templates look, your experiences and skills won't be overlooked. To paint the perfect picture of who you are, what you've done, and where you're going -- you need to follow these ten tips:

  1. Focus on accomplishments, not duties
  2. Create a short summary with the highlights of your career
  3. Follow the inverted pyramid metaphor and put the most important information at the top
  4. Make sure to include any honors or awards you've earned
  5. Add a few unique personal interests as memorable differentiators
  6. Describe your work ethic and time management process
  7. Choose fonts wisely -- it's like bad writing
  8. View it on a mobile device and in multiple browsers
  9. Include social network links -- it's just as important as email and phone numbers
  10. Double-check for typos and misspellings
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