The Five Factors of Success in Sales

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ASHER Strategies, one of the world's top global sales training and consulting organizations, has identified the five sales processes that top sales professionals leverage to out-sell their competition.  And by out sell the competition we mean the 4% of sales people that sell 94% of the goods and services in the United States.

  1. Product Knowledge - top sales people know their products/services, their customers' business, and their competitor's' business extremely well
  2. Aptitude - top sales people are born with a natural talent for sales
  3. Selling Skills - top sales people know and use the top ten selling skills
  4. Motiviation - top sales people are self-motivated, are in the right type of sales position, and are continually selling
  5. Sales Process - top sales people are working in companies that have best-practice branding, marketing, sales, and customer relationship processes to support them
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