Py Kim Conant, the author of a just-released book, "Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man" (Hunter House), spills her truths about the sex, relationship, and marriage myths that too many women still believe.

  1. Myth 1: Being very feminine makes a woman weak and submissive. Truth: It empowers a woman.
  2. Myth 2: It's what's inside a woman that counts. Truth: Because men are visual, you need to be beautiful, feminine, and sexy to attract men.
  3. Myth 3: Feminists can't attract, satisfy, and keep a man. Truth: You can be both a feminist and a feminine-ist, a woman who values, loves, and wants to operate out of her femininity.
  4. Myth 4: Men and women are pretty much the same. Truth: Men and women are as different psychologically as they are physically.
  5. Myth 5: I should wait until he asks me to marry him. Truth: Sooner-rather-than-later, you need to set deadlines for him.
  6. Myth 6: Eventually, I'll get married. Truth: To marry a Good Man you need to make love and marriage your high priority, and have a plan, now!
  7. Myth 7: Men are generally very confident sexually. Truth: Men are extremely vulnerable and fragile regarding their sex lives.
  8. Myth 8: Men aren't comfortable with our vibrators. Truth: He can love your vibrator, since you'll never give credit for your orgasm to the vibrator, but always give 100 percent of the credit to his manhood.
  9. Myth 9: I have to say "no" to my husband about sex sometimes. Truth: Never say "no" to sex to your husband. Instead, you need to arrange an enthusiastic date in the near future.
  10. Myth 10: You want to get married. Truth: You want to have a great marriage, not just a great wedding.
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