You've heard about the best holiday items for teens and tweeners. But you always want to find a bargain. You can buy everything on the list for less than $25!

  1. iPhone Accessories (covers, speakers and ear buds)
  2. iTunes gift cards
  3. Movie Theater gift cards
  4. Fleece and Cushie Pillows and Blanket Throws
  5. Sport balls and equipment (soccer, football, basketball, tennis and minis)
  6. Candy (movie size boxes, 10 for $1 pieces and novelty items)
  7. Blu-rays/DVDs (Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Transformers, etc.)
  8. Older video games (either trade-ins, or XBox Platinum Hits, or previous consoles - most consoles and games are backward compatible)
  9. Video game console accessories (i.e. controllers, Wii blaster, battery pack chargers, XBOX Live points, etc.)
  10. Double Bubble Bubble Gum Factory
  11. Car stuff (if they just turned 16, they will need everything: i.e. car wash soap, sponges, leather cleaner, window wipes, tire shine, Turtle wax, CAR WASH gift cards, FM iPod transmitter, visor storage, emergency kit, etc.)
  12. Winter hat
  13. Scarf
  14. Winter gloves
  15. Collegiate hooded-sweatshirt
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