There are great inventions (i.e. electricity) and terrible inventions (i.e. glow-in-the-dark combat uniforms). There are simple inventions (i.e. paper clip) and advanced inventions (i.e. cellular smartphones). These are some of the great yet terrible, simple and advanced inventions that nobody needs and everyone wants.

  1. Massage chairs - if your spouse isn't a professional masseuse or masseur
  2. Hybrid vehicles - your chance to become a superhero and save the world
  3. E-books - an oxymoron like jumbo-shrimp, electronic-books have followed mail and bills into the world of "e-"
  4. Roomba robotic vacuum - quieting the life-long argument between wives and husbands
  5. Beeping key finders - too bad everything doesn't beep when you lose it
  6. Wireless handsets for phones - now people can talk, drive, eat and change the radio station at once
  7. Teeth whiteners - if you want to be in excruciating pain everytime you eat ice cream
  8. Garbage disposal - who needs a trash can anymore?
  9. Self-emptying cat litter box - for all the lazy princesses out there
  10. Non-stick pans - if you are a terrible cook that can't afford butter or oil
  11. Reuseable plastic containers - so that left-over food can sit in your refridgerator for months
  12. PS3 - not only do you have to buy a new console, it costs 6 times what you paid originally
  13. Velcro - easier than tying knots or zipping
  14. GPS - if your blonde in a city or your name is Bear Grylls and you are lost in the wilderness
  15. Auto-parallel parking cars - if nothing else, it will make you feel more important than you really are
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