As a guide to gift-givers during the holiday season, presents: Hot Tees: Five Top Golf Tee Trends For Holiday 2006.

  1. High Tech- This golfer must have the state-of-the-art tee that'll help push that drive straighter and further (E.g. Zero Friction, Brush-T, and Stinger tees.)
  2. Traditional - The classic wood tee never goes out of style.
  3. Personalized & Logo - The popularity of personalizing golf tees continues to rise!
  4. Flavorful - Sometimes, a golfer just can't help putting the tip of a golf tee in their mouth (E.g. "Tasty Golf Tees.").
  5. Golf Tee Accessories - Golfers love gadgets and tools (E.g. G-Clip, Tee-Tool, and Golf Tee Shaker).
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