Bark Busters announces its 12 tips to keep furry friends and their owners healthy, wealthy, and wise this holiday season.

  1. A tired dog is a good dog - Tire your dog out before guests arrive.
  2. Prevent holiday decoration disasters - Keep tree from tipping and ornaments from breaking.
  3. Tinsel Town can land your pup in the emergency room - Eating tinsel is bad for a dogs intenstine.
  4. Evergreens are not always for everyone, especially a curious canine - Fake trees have fewer problems.
  5. Holiday sweets are not dog treats - Holiday treats (especially chocolate) can hurt your dog.
  6. Cooked turkey and chicken bones are not for dogs.
  7. Mistletoe is for kissing, not eating - Mistletoe as well as amaryllis is toxic.
  8. Keep the liquids flowing - Dogs can get dehyrated when stressed.
  9. 'Tis the season to give, so add your pet to your list - Keep pets busy with new toys
  10. Do not give pets as a surprise gift - People often don't want puppies as a surprise.
  11. How low can the weather go - Be aware of the temperature outside.
  12. Blowing snow is best left in the globe - Broken snow globes can be toxic.