This list is based on a report from Health Affairs and stats from the Commonwealth Fund. As a percentage, how many people in your state have lost 6 or more teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease and/or infection? See the list below.. 45 million Americans live in areas where they cannot afford or be provided dental care.. If you live in a state where more than 15% of the residents have lost 6 or more teeth, suspect you will be "mouth watching" this week

  1. > 20% West Virginia - The winner. More than 20% of West Virginia residents have lost 6 or more teeth
  2. 15% to 19% - Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi,Arkansas and Tennesee
  3. 12% to 14% Maine, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri
  4. 10 % to 11 % Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico and Wyoming
  5. < 10% the rest, the "brushers"???