I bet you didn't know there was more than one! And none are bug beds.

This is a list describing beds and different types of beds that exist.

  1. Bedsteads are more decorative and will provide a definite classic or contemporary look to your bedroom. A 'bowed slat' (or 'sprung slat') bedstead will give more cushioned support than 'solid slat'.
  2. Divans act as bases for mattresses and either have springs which allow the mattress to adapt to the body's contours, or a solid top which provides firmer support. A divan is useful if you are tight for space in your bedroom, or prefer a more neutral look.
  3. A headboard is of course an optional extra - most of our divans are sold without so you have a more flexible choice. Choose from our extensive selection of headboards, some of which are part of a co-ordinating collection of bedroom furniture.
  4. Four poster beds offer you the stuff of dreams at a price which won’t give you nightmares. They often arrive complete with a curtain set.
  5. Guest/folding and storage beds provide flexible solutions for overnight guests. With a small bedroom, it makes sense to use your bed as a secondary storage option.
  6. Storage beds feature built-in drawers that free up valuable space in other parts of the bedroom. Another space-saving feature is divan storage - revealed by opening the top of the bed with an easy-to-operate mechanism.