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Top 12 Most Important Verses From The Bible

According to a survey done by, these are the top twelve most important verses in the Bible.  They span books of John, Deuteronomy, Phillippians, Mathew, Romans, Mark and more.  They were: John 3:16 – […]


Abbreviations for Football Positions

Did you know that there are 29 positions on a football team worthy of being abbreviated in stat sheets, broadcasts, and player drafts for your fantasy teams.  Below is the abbreviation for each position, in […]

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Smartest People Ever: The People with the Highest IQs in History

These are the smartest people in the history of the world according to IQ (and some are still alive today).  The include physicists, philosophers, painters, musicians, actors, generals, and political figures.  See where each is […]

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The Top 10 Most Influential Figures in American History

According to The Atlantic Monthly, these are the most influential people in American history.  With apologies to currently influential people, time is the best judge of long-term impact, and each of these individuals has met that […]


The Top Ten Selling Skills of Elite Salespeople

If you look closely at all of the major sales training programs and methodologies, as well as books on the subject of selling, you will see that many of them share common principles in certain […]

Health & Fitness

How to Make Yourself Throw Up

If you’ve consumed something that requires throwing up, contact a poison control hotline or physician before attempting to induce vomiting as it may do more harm than good.  And never try and throw up as […]


NBA Basketball Players Straight From High School

Up until 2005, the NBA allowed for what people called “prep to pros”.  These were high school kids who chose to skip college altogether and find themselves selected in the NBA Draft.  Between 1963 and […]

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Famous Celebrity XBOX Gamertags

Ever wondered if the person you were playing Madden online with was a famous athlete? Or racing against a famous DJ? Or guitar hero against a famous musician? Here is a list of the gamertags […]


Best “Price is Right” Contestant T-Shirts

If you are going to be on the Price is Right, you are going to need a good t-shirt to get picked out of the audience to “come on down”.  From Bob Barker to Drew […]


List of Combat Sports

Here is a list of 148 different combat sports.  Most people can name just a few – like boxing, wrestling, and judo.  But what sports make up the other 145?  This list might surprise you: […]