was created by four Internet-industry veterans who believed that a service pairing the proven attraction of lists with the wisdom and experiences of people just like you would make for a highly entertaining and useful destination for everyone online.

With thousands of great lists submitted by hundreds of knowledgeable listers, offers you highly desireable information on just about anything in a form factor you love – lists! That’s because we know that you’re busy and that every second counts, so we designed our site to provide you great information in the most concise manner possible at the click of a mouse. Best of all, you can even create you own lists in under a minute.  So go ahead and read, share, create and enjoy!

Meet Our Team

John Edwards, Co-founder and CEO

John conceived the idea of and brings with him almost 20 years of experience leading editorial, marketing and business development teams at CompuServe, Netscape, and AOL/TW. As Director of Programming he ran many of the content categories and home pages for these popular portals, as well as several private-label portals for companies such as Walmart, Apple, and HP/Compaq.  More recently he served as Vice President of Marketing for MBA Focus, and continues to consult with large media companies and Internet startups about their online products and services. He is an alumnus of The Ohio State University where he earned both a BSBA and an MBA.

Rick Blair, Co-founder and Chairman

Rick brings 30 years of entrepreneurial media, publishing, business development and electronic media startup experience to the effort. Rick has launched several successful new online ventures and was at various times President of Presslink, VP of Sales, Operations & Business Development at America Online, VP of New Enterprises at America Online, SVP of Runways Magazine, VP/CFO and Business Manager of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer newspapers. A former CPA, Rick is currently an active consultant to media and publishing companies.  He holds a BSBA from The Ohio State University.

David Evans, Co-founder and CTO

David brings over 24 years of technical experience in leading publishing technologies, digital imaging, and e-commerce initiatives like ours. While David was CTO at Ritz Interactive, their annual online sales grew from $0 to $90mm in just six years. David is also a co-founder of Finite Matters which created “PatternStream”, a revolutionary database publishing application. He is currently a Vice President of Technology at PassAlong Networks. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.

Heather McKenzie Carlisle, Co-founder and COO

Heather brings almost 20 years of experience working for CompuServe, Netscape, and America Online managing a variety of disciplines. She was VP of Content Programming and Design, as well as VP of Interactive Media Solutions for Netscape. Currently, Heather is SVP of Consumer Experience with Mobile Posse. Ms. Carlisle earned her B.S. in Marketing from The Ohio State University and has an EMBA from Ohio University.

Ryan Pratt, Minority owner and VP of Marketing

Ryan brings strong creative talents to as both a marketer and content creator. His areas of expertise include online and print journalism, viral web marketing, search engine optimization and social networking. Ryan has served as a Communications Specialist at the Columbus Public Schools and is also a Marketing Director at MBA Focus.

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