Fattest Golfers on the PGA Tour

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Golfers aren't know for being "athletes." Rightfully so huh? It's not as if you have to be in peak physical condition to walk besides your caddy and swing a little stick 72 times per day. Probably why so many professional golfers are overweight. This is a list of the heaviest golfers on the PGA Tour (by weight in pounds):

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Most Ryder Cup Wins by U.S. Golfer

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Here are the United States golfers with the most Ryder Cup points won of all-time:

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Golfers Who’ve Won The Masters Championship Multiple Times

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Here is a list of golfers who have won The Masters Championship at Augusta more than once:

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Top 10 Best Golfers Without A Major

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These are the best PGA Tour golfers in the world who are yet to win a Major Championship:

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Masters Tournament Champions

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These are the Masters Tournament champions by year (followed by their final score).

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