Best “Price is Right” Contestant T-Shirts

If you are going to be on the Price is Right, you are going to need a good t-shirt to get picked out of the audience to “come on down”.  From Bob Barker to Drew Carey, here are some of the most effective messages that people came up with to get noticed:

  • My Pets Are Spayed and Neutered
  • Who’s Price is it Anyway?
  • I Was Born During Price is Right
  • Plinko Was My First Word
  • I’m Here to Kiss Holly
  • We flew 2100 Miles to be on Price Is Right
  • Drew for President
  • Marine Mom.
  • I [Heart] Bob
  • (any college t-shirt or sweatshirt)
  • World’s Tallest Price Is Right Fan
  • Who Let the Barker Out
  • Army Recruit
  • Ohio (heart)’s Drew!
  • Any Cleveland sports team jersey
  • And if nothing else came to mind – either I Love Bob or I Love Drew