Charlie Harper’s Girlfriends (from “Two and a Half Men”)

“Two and a Half Men” is an American television sitcom centered around a freewheeling bachelor, Charlie, whose carefree lifestyle is depicted by all the random women he brings home. These are all of his girlfriends over the many seasons of the show:

  • Melanie Lynskey … Rose (the crazy neighbor who always climbs over the back patio rail)
  • April Bowlby … Kandi (the ditz that eventually ends up dating and eloping with Alan)
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier … Mia (almost married)
  • Ming-Na … Linda Harris (the too-smart politician)
  • Judy Greer … Myra (Judith’s sister-in-law who doesn’t pee a lot)
  • Denise Richards … Lisa (an old-flame (in reality now as well))
  • Jennifer Bini Taylor … Suzanne (from the “Pilot”)
  • Jodi Lyn O’Keefe … Gail (devil-worshiper)
  • Jeri Ryan … Sherri (the ex that Charlie encourages Alan to go after, she ends is surprisingly interested)
  • Jenna Elfman … Frankie (lives in Charlie’s house, but not really Charlie’s gf ever, b/c Alan wins her over first)
  • Rachel Cannon … Chloe (the one who flocks to his handyman)
  • Katherine LaNasa … Lydia (the live-in girlfriend who battles with Berta)
  • Gail O’Grady … Mandi (Kandi’s mom)
  • Jenny McCarthy … Courtney (Charlie’s mom’s boyfriend’s daughter and car saleswoman who sleeps with Charlie to sell him an exotic car)