How We “Laugh” in Facebook Posts – What’s normal ? lol? haha? Are you normal?

The New Yorker published a piece in which the author was wondering how “e-laughing”.  Facebook put their research chops on it and came up with the following most popular ways people laugh online.  These stats are taken from the FB blogpost which reviewed comments and posts on FB, but not on Messenger.

  • “haha ” – Number one way to laugh online 51.4 %
  • 33.7% use an emoji of some sort to portray laughter
  • “hehe” is trending among younger folks at 13.1%
  • “lol” dead last and losing its legs at 1.9%
  • Males are more likely to use “haha” or a version of haha, like ha ha ha ha, While Females are more likely to use an emoji than men, but also like their haha’s
  • haha and hehe are more popular on the west coast, emoji are the weapon of choice in the midwest, and southern states are fond of lol.