The Top 12 Questions to Ask When Qualifying Sales Leads

Qualifying leads are one of the things that separate average salespeople from elite salespeople.  The list below comes “The New Solution Selling”, which is a must-read for any interested salesperson.

  1. Does this prospect fit the profile of our ideal customer group?
  2. Does the prospect have a critical or urgent need?
  3. What is the driving force causing the prospect to take action?
  4. Do we have a potential solution to satisfy the prospect need?
  5. Can we provide a credible ROI?
  6. Do we have a coach/champion in or close to the customer’s organization?
  7. Is solving this need in the organization’s budget?
  8. Has a purchasing timeframe been established?
  9. Do we understand the decision making process?
  10. Have we identified the right decision makers who have the authority to buy?
  11. Are the projected revenues sufficient for us?
  12. Is this a buyer we want as a customer?

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