Top 25 Best Left-Handed Basketball Players Ever

Here’s our list of the best left-handed basketball players to ever play in the NBA: Larry Bird David Robinson Bill Russell Michael Redd Chris Mullin Bill Walton Calbert Cheaney Toni Kukoc Harold Minor Sam Perkins […]


NCAA College Football Champions Since 1998 – You May be Surprised

In 2014, the first NCAA College Football Championship Tournament resulted in The Ohio State Buckeyes earning, what many call, the first undisputed national college NCAA Division 1 football champion.  Since then, Alabama and Clemson have […]


Top 10 Things to See & Do in Aruba

Here are ten things you absolutely have to do if you’re ever traveling to Aruba: Beaches (Baby Beach, Arashi Beach, Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Malmok Beach, etc) Jolly Pirate Sunset Cruise Conchi Natural Pool The […]