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100 Reasons Why I Love You

There are only a few reasons why people fall in love; and the original attraction is usually on a physical basis.  But after months, and years of being with each other, you come to find […]


Top 10 Most Memorable “Boiler Room” Quotes

“Boiler Room” is an engaging movie about a college dropout that gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm, which then puts him on the fast track to success.  But as we […]


Fattest Golfers on the PGA Tour

Pro golfers aren’t known for being “athletes.” Rightfully so huh?  It’s not as if they have to be in peak physical condition to walk.  And besides, their caddy carries the clubs and they only need […]

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1000 Reasons Why I Love You (for Her / from Him)

There are a thousand reasons that a man can express to a woman, “I love you.”  Below are our top 100 as selected by ListAfterList.   But don’t let these be the last word.  Let them […]

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Top 10 Most Valuable Beanie Babies

Prices will always fluctuate over time, but here are the stories behind the ten most expensive beanie babies you might luckily find if you look hard enough.  Keep an eye out for these ten most […]

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Smartest People Ever: The People with the Highest IQs in History

These are the smartest people in the history of the world according to IQ (and some are still alive today).  The include physicists, philosophers, painters, musicians, actors, generals, and political figures.  See where each is […]


Highest Vertical Leap in NBA History

Who had the highest vertical leap in the history of the NBA? Verticals measured in their prime are from reliable sources (i.e. NBA.com), but none of these numbers are “official” NBA stats.  Here is what […]

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Top 10 Most Infectious Diseases with Highest Death Rates

COVID is top of mind for everyone, but it doesn’t make the list of infections with the highest death rate.  Below is a list of human infectious disease case fatality rates (CFRs). A CFR is […]

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Top 10 Small Things to Put in Your New Build Home

Little things matter.  They make a difference.  Here are some unique things you either have in your home (or wish you had) to appreciate and consider.  Especially if you are building a new home. Light […]