Songs about School Shootings

It seems strange, but musicians write about everything and anything, including school shootings. They have a voice and an audience that listens. Music can be extremely influential. Whether or not you agree with their messages, […]

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Top 50 Weirdest Guinness World Records

Here are 50 of the strangest Guinness World Records ever recorded.  Everything from most one-finger push-ups, to longest tattoo.  People will do some strange things to get into this book.  Would you try any of […]

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List of Hyperboles

HYPERBOLE is a figure of speech that uses an exaggerated or extravagant statement to create a strong emotional response. Hyperbole is frequently used for humor, but ALL of us drop them without even knowing it.  […]


Celebrity Democrats

A long list of left-leaning, liberal celebrities.  Some of them come to mind quickly, but many others might surprise you.  Check out this list of over 200 names to see how many you would have […]

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Countries Where Marijuana is Legal

Looking for a place to live or travel that you can legally smoke weed?  Try one of these legal cannabis countries: Australia – Cannabis laws state by state. Decriminalized in Western Australia & South Australia. […]

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Fattest Counties in the United States.. And the winner is……

A quick list of the fattest counties in the United States as compiled by HealthGrove. The counties are listed along wth their Obesity Prevalence… Congratulations to Claiborne County, Mississippi: Claiborne County, MS – 47.6% Greene […]

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Citizens’ Arrests – Posse Comitatus

Although states have their own laws and specifics that apply to a citizen’s arrest, in the United States private individuals have the authority to make an arrest, even without a warrant. These are called Citizen’s […]

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Top 10 Drug Rehab Centers in the World

Where are the best rehab facilities in the world?  Several of them are in the United States as it turns out.  But we’re not the only one.  Check out the list below to see who made […]


List of United States Senators Twitter Accounts

A list of all the Twitter Accounts for United States Senators: State Senator Official Senator Twitter ID Senate Staff Twitter Id Campaign/Other ID Facebook (WIP) Alabama Richard Shelby @SenShelby RichardShelby Alabama Jeff Sessions @SenatorSessions @jeffsessions  […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Psychopathy

The signs and symptoms of psychopathy are identified most commonly in scientific studies by Hare’s 20-item Psychopathy Checklist-Revised. This checklist identifies the following as the symptoms and signs of psychopathy: Superficial charm and glibness Inflated […]