Top 10 Most Valuable Beanie Babies

Prices will always fluctuate over time, but here are the stories behind the ten most expensive beanie babies you might luckily find if you look hard enough.  Keep an eye out for these ten most treasured toys as you go to garage sales, or rummage through your kid’s toy collection in the basement.

  • Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant: $4,500. A factory mistake made the first 2,000 Peanut the Elephants a much darker shade than the more common light blue color.
  • Nana the Monkey: $4,000. One of the earliest Beanies, Nana was later renamed “Bongo.”
  • Punchers the Lobster: $3,800. The name of this Original 9 lobster was most likely an error. Punchers was later renamed “Pinchers.”
  • Brownie the Brown Bear: $3,600. One of the original nine Beanie Babies, Brownie was later renamed “Cubbie,” which is much more common.
  • Teddy, Old Face (brown): $2,800. Made with a Victorian “old face” with a triangle nose and eyes on either side, these teddies had no birthdays or poems.
  • Derby the Fine Mane Horse: $2,200. The fine manes of the earlier versions have 20 strands, rather than the redesigned 8 strands.
  • Humphrey the Camel: $2,000. Created in June 1994. Only 25,000 were made.
  • Quacker the Duck Without Wings: $2,000. Later models included wings. Only 780 were made in 1994.
  • Peking the Panda: $2,000. The only Beanie with felt eyes rather than black beads.
  • Spot the Dog (without a spot): $1,900. Four million were made. 1,500 came without a spot.