Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your iPhone

iPhone glitching?  Delayed button recognition?  Slow swipes from side to side?  Takes forever to load?  With the recent chatter about “slowing iphone batteries as they age”, here are some simple things you can do that will dramatically increase the performance speed of your iPhone:

  • Leave at least 500 MB of free space (Delete music you never listen to and videos you’ll never watch again)
  • Do a soft reset (Hold both physical buttons until shuts off and reboots to Apple logo)
  • Download less email (In Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Show 25 Recent Messages)
  • Clear your browsers history (In Settings > Safari > Clear History)Clear your browsers cookies (In Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies)
  • Clear you browsers cache (In Settings > Safari > Clear Cache)
  • Clean out your SMS list (Delete old SMS message conversations)
  • The less apps the better (Delete apps you don’t use – especially free ones you can always download again at any moment)
  • Turn off radios you don’t use (If you don’t use Bluetooth and/or WiFi turn it off in “Settings”)
  • Instead of constantly checking for new emails, change it to hourly or manually even (Turn off “Fetch New Data” under “Settings”)
  • Don’t listen to music as you do other things (I know the iPhone is for exactly that, but its slowing down your processes)