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List of Complete Opposites

In nature – and in language – there is an abundance of opposites.  Call them antonyms if you want to get fancy, but below is an alphabetical list of 275 things that are exactly different. […]

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Most Common Letters in the Alphabet Used in the English Language

According to a study done by AskOxford, using thier Concise English Dictionary, these are the most common letters in the English language. The letter “E” is the most common, 57 times more common than the […]

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Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your iPhone

iPhone glitching?  Delayed button recognition?  Slow swipes from side to side?  Takes forever to load?  With the recent chatter about “slowing iphone batteries as they age”, here are some simple things you can do that will […]


Famous People who Live in La Jolla, California

La Jolla is a hilly seaside and affluent community within the city of San Diego, California.  It curves along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and a wide range of famous persons either do (or […]

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Colleges with Rolling Admissions

Rolling admission is a policy used by many colleges in the United States to admit freshmen to undergraduate programs. Under rolling admission, a candidate is invited to submit his application to the university anytime within […]

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Top 12 Most Important Verses From The Bible

According to a survey done by ListAfterList.com, these are the top twelve most important verses in the Bible.  They span books of John, Deuteronomy, Phillippians, Mathew, Romans, Mark and more.  They were: John 3:16 – […]

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How to Make Yourself Throw Up

If you’ve consumed something that requires throwing up, contact a poison control hotline or physician before attempting to induce vomiting as it may do more harm than good.  And never try and throw up as […]

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Top 29 Document Sharing Sites for Backlinks

Are you looking to boost SEO rankings for your website or generate more exposure and leads.  Here are 29 top document sharing sites on the web for backlinks: http://www.box.net/ http://www.esnips.com/ http://www.divshare.com/ http://www.4shared.com/ http://www.gigasize.com/ http://www.yudu.com/ http://www.calameo.com/ […]