American Idol Winners

The singing competition show, American Idol, was first broadcasted in 2002 on FOX. After 14 seasons, it ended in 2016. The show will now be brought back on ABC in March of 2018 with an […]


List of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends

Taylor Swift, famous singer and song writer, is known for her amazing hits to be about previous celebrity relationships. Here is a list of 12 of her relationships since 2008: Tom Hiddleston (June 2016 – […]


Most Common Super Bowl Side Bets

Over 400 prop bets are expected for this year’s Super Bowl.  Many are unique to that particular year’s game (player, team, announcer, etc.), and many are recurring bets for every championship game.  Here is a […]

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15 Most Famous Pablo Picasso Paintings

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor who is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.  Here is a list of 15 of his most famous paintings based on […]

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Most Famous Dates in American History

Below are 26 of the most important dates in American history.  Were you or someone you know born on one of these days?  If yes, you share a special moment in the timeline of the […]


Academy Awards – Oscar Winners for Best Picture

The Academy Award for Best Picture (“And the Oscar goes too…”) is considered the most prestigious Award presented annually since the awards debuted in 1929 honoring films for the prior year.  Held and voted on […]


Past Super Bowl Winners and Scores

There have now been over 50 Super Bowls played since 1967, and all but one of them have Roman Numerals.  What’s up with leaving out the big “L”.   Anyway, the older you are the more […]